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total Foot & Ankle care provider.

From toenails to total reconstructive surgery when it comes to feet, we cover it all! We are very excited to now have an exclusive home for our amazing Foot & Ankle team here at Orthopedic Associates.  Everyone knows that Orthopedic Associates is the trusted practice for ruptured shoulders, hips and blown out knees.  We wanted to make it crystal clear, that anyone can expect the very same quality of care with Foot & Ankle related problems right here within the same Practice.  In the Four Corners, there really is no better place to trust with your feet and ankle problems than Orthopedic Associates.

If you are experiencing any foot and ankle related problems, contact us today! 

Featured Foot and Ankle Surgeons

Why choose
Orthopedic Associates ?

Here at Orthopedic Associates, Foot & Ankle surgeons provide specialized and unique, surgical and non-invasive treatments for all foot and ankle conditions. We have a variety of treatments available that can also be the alternative to surgery you’ve been looking for.  

Sports Therapies

We also offer advanced sports therapies for runners and athletes of all kinds who need relief from foot pain or ankle injuries.

We Are Experts 

In addition, we are experts at caring for patients with painful, infected ingrown toenails, and we provide wound care and orthotics for diabetic feet.

Our Doctors

Truly love working with patients to heal pain and promotion mobility as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

We Provide Options

We provide options, not just treatments. In many cases, surgery can be avoided, however our team of Foot and Ankle Specialist here at Orthopedic Associate are world class with an amazing track record for results.

Wide Range Of Patients

Just about anyone can enjoy the benefits from seeing a podiatrist here at Orthopedic Associates. We see a very wide range of Patients with athletes, adults, children, and seniors. If you have foot pain or ankle pain, the solution may be very simple. Contact Orthopedic Associates today today for more details. 

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