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Ankle Sprain Specialist

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If you participate in sports and enjoy staying physically active, an ankle sprain can quickly take you out of the game. At Orthopedic Associates: Foot & Ankle Specialists, the skilled providers understand how limiting an ankle sprain can be. At their office in Farmington, New Mexico, the orthopedic experts offer comprehensive care to promote total healing of the damaged ligaments in your ankle. Find out about available treatments for an ankle sprain by calling Orthopedic Associates: Foot & Ankle Specialists or by requesting an appointment online today.

Ankle Sprain

What is an ankle sprain?

An ankle sprain is a common injury that results when the supportive ligaments in the ankle stretch too far. In some cases, the stretching can cause tissue tears in the ligament.

Some of the most common causes of ankle sprains include:

  • Falls
  • Overuse
  • Sports participation

You can also sprain your ankle if you walk on an uneven surface or step down too hard and twist your ankle joint.

What are the symptoms of an ankle sprain?

Ankle sprains range from mild to severe. The symptoms of a sprain often occur immediately after a fall or other incident, but they sometimes appear several hours later. The most common symptoms of a sprain include:

  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness

In serious ankle sprains, you can experience instability in your ankle, which causes your joint to give out when walking. 

You should schedule a diagnostic evaluation at Orthopedic Associates: Foot & Ankle Specialists to confirm a sprain and rule out more serious ankle issues if your pain isn’t treatable with rest, ice therapy, and over-the-counter medications.

How is an ankle sprain diagnosed?

The team at Orthopedic Associates: Foot & Ankle Specialists determine if your symptoms relate to a sprain by physically examining your ankle and discussing your activities at the time of your injury.

In some cases, imaging tests like X-rays are necessary to rule out broken bones or fractures. Tests can also identify tears in the ligament that will need special treatment. 

How are ankle sprains treated?

For mild ankle sprains, your Orthopedic Associates: Foot & Ankle Specialists provider usually recommends limiting your activities for a period of time to allow your ankle to heal.

If you have moderate to severe sprains, rest is still important, and your provider will also recommend ice therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and over-the-counter pain relievers to keep you comfortable.

To promote the full healing of your ankle ligaments, your Orthopedic Associates: Foot & Ankle Specialists physician will probably suggest wrapping or bracing your ankle to limit movement. You might also benefit from using crutches to keep pressure off of your ankle as it heals.

If you have an ankle sprain where tissue damage is severe, your provider can recommend more complex treatments, including surgery, to repair the tissue and prevent the injury from getting worse.

Don’t ignore swelling or pain in your ankle. Schedule a diagnostic evaluation of a suspected ankle sprain by calling Orthopedic Associates: Foot & Ankle Specialists or by requesting an appointment online today.