Dr. Beier and his entire staff have been incredibly kind and gentle and gone above and beyond to help me feel safe and cared for since my ankle was broken in an auto accident a few weeks ago. Their understanding and genuine concern for my physical and mental well-being has been so touching and reassuring for someone who has never gone through anything like this and was just terrified and devastated. Thank you so much Dr. Beier!

Jessica VanBibber

Dr Ward explained my bunion situation to me very well, including my options for treatment and why he would perform the surgery he recommends. I felt he was easy to talk with and cared that I understood what he said to me, providing drawings and printouts for me to take home.

Nancy CK

I am so very pleased with Dr. Beier. He did my foot surgery and I came out of surgery pain free. This is a huge thing for me because my foot pain disrupted my life. Dr. Beier is an amazing foot doctor. Highly recommend.

Shannon Tucson

Dr. Ward and the staff were professional from initial appointment through surgery and the post op. I have not had such an amazing medical experience in many years. Even when I stayed the night at SJRMC I was treated as a person not a number for the first time. I am still in the recovery process but having confidence in those providing treatment & care is helpful when there are long term steps involved for full recovery.

Thank you Dr. Ward and Orthopedic Associates!

Tricia Blair

Dr. Beier was awesome, thorough, and practical with my concerns. Thank you Dr. Beier, you are greatly appreciated. 

Marlene Jones

Dr. Ward has been with me through 3 surgeries now. Two for my ankle and this last surgery for my left heel. . Dr. Ward and his assistants never make me feel like I am just another patient, they have taken time to get to know me and they make sure the decisions we are making for my overall health are personalized to me. I would highly recommend Dr. Ward for all your foot/ankle needs!

Terri Martin

Wonderful, friendly and compassionate. They are a busy office but very organized. They are knowledgeable and I have never experienced a long wait. I have needed foot surgery for at least 7 yrs but until I saw Dr Ward I wouldn't do it. Another huge plus they did it at the Surgery center yesterday. They were amazing!! I am so relieved to have finally received the surgery and I am on my way to healing.

Patricia Kirby Campbell

Dr. Dresden Beier is the new podiatrist at the facility. He is one of the most caring and compassionate doctors I've been to see. He and staff took great care of me. Thanks also to his resident Dr. Hilton.

Carla High

Dr Ward is amazing as always. I’ve had two surgeries with him and love him and his office.

Wendy Nelson

Great place to get tune ups on old body parts.

Don Greenwood

Dr. Ward is the best! And Dr. Haag (a resident on rotation there) is very good - looks like he has learned a lot from Dr. Ward. Farmington and the Four Corners are really fortunate to have a podiatrist like Dr. Ward. My wife has had several foot problems handled by Dr. Ward, and raves about the care and how much better her feet are! And by the way, I'd even bring my dog to him!

Dave Bregar

As much as we Love Orthopedic Associates, please don't encourage my husband to climb on another 2 wheeled machine and loose yet another limb or rip anything out of place. 😉 However, for the times he has done these things, we sure are grateful for the Amazing surgeries he has had performed on him by your great doctors! We highly recommend Orthopedic Associates.

Courtney Keyes Craig